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List of Functions


[edit] Definition

[edit] Statement

Function <returntype> <name>([<parameters>]);

Function is a reserved word used to start the code of a function.

[edit] Concept

A function is a subroutine to which one or more of the following apply:

The difference between a function and a process is that the calling process or function waits until the function is completed. When a process or function calls a process, it doesn't wait. This means that, even when the called function contains frame statements, the calling function or process still waits for the function to finish. This is shown in this tutorial.

For a list of functions, see this list of functions.

[edit] Example

Function int addInts( int a , int b )
Private // Declare private variables here
Begin // Start the main functioncode
    return a+b;
End // End the main functioncode

addInts(3,6); will return 9. One can see that the function does indeed:

  • receive parameters.
  • act on the parameters.
  • return a value.
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